10th to 13th June 2021

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We’re Going On A Waterbear Hunt

Would you like to discover the secrets of living forever? Or time-travel into the future? Could you imagine being invincible? Or producing clones of yourself that go onto conquer the world? These superhero-like skills are common in the animals that live in one of the smallest habitats on Earth – one right outside your back door…
Join Jules Howard investigating the miniature microcosm that exists in moss. Uncover mites, tiny worms and mini-monsters like rotifers, whilst searching for the most elusive and mighty beast of all – the water bear!

This is a workshop, so assemble the necessary materials and prepare to get hands-on.

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We’re Going On A Waterbear Hunt

Add to your calendar 09/24/2021 6:03 am Europe/London We’re Going On A Waterbear Hunt | Cheltenham Science Festival Part of Cheltenham Science Festival - https://science.cheltenhamfestivals.online/schools-and-families/were-going-on-a-waterbear-hunt/ Online 15

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