10th to 13th June 2021

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Maths Mayhem 1: HOTPO Numbers BSL

Do you know how you can count to infinity using rice and a chess board? Mathematician and FameLab alumnus Kyle Evans doesn’t just have a talent for crunching numbers, he is also an occasional poet and comedian! Sharing his love of maths with you, he’ll explore some truly curious mathematical problems, from Fibonacci based rhyme to tips on how to win the paper folding world championships!

This is the first part in a series of short maths activities. Here’s an arithmetic workout to get you warmed up. It’s easier for some people than others – depends how old you are!

This is a BSL event, created with the help of Gloucestershire Deaf Association.

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Maths Mayhem 1: HOTPO Numbers BSL

Add to your calendar 09/24/2021 5:45 am Europe/London Maths Mayhem 1: HOTPO Numbers BSL | Cheltenham Science Festival Part of Cheltenham Science Festival - https://science.cheltenhamfestivals.online/schools-and-families/maths-mayhem-1-hotpo-numbers-bsl/ Online 15

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