10th to 13th June 2021

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Drip Drop Tick Tock Challenge

Have you ever wondered about the science of measuring time? Plunge back to Ancient Egypt to discover how the first clocks were created and submerge yourself in the incredible watery inventions used to keep time. Soak up some ancient knowledge with STEMworks and use it to design your own water clock! How accurate is your timekeeping?

This is a workshop, so assemble the necessary materials and prepare to get hands-on.

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Drip Drop Tick Tock Challenge

Add to your calendar 09/25/2021 1:20 pm Europe/London Drip Drop Tick Tock Challenge | Cheltenham Science Festival Part of Cheltenham Science Festival - https://science.cheltenhamfestivals.online/schools-and-families/drip-drop-tick-tock-challenge/ Online 15

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