10th to 13th June 2021

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An Engineer Like Me

Zara is curious about everything! Travelling around the city with her gran, she sees all kinds of fascinating things. How do roller coasters do loop-the-loops? How do planes stay up? As she marvels about how they work, Zara learns about some of the brilliant engineers who have shaped the world around her. Explore the wonder and creativity of the world’s most exciting inventions with engineer, TV presenter and author of An Engineer Like Me, Shini Somara.

This is a show so tune in and enjoy.

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An Engineer Like Me

Add to your calendar 09/24/2021 7:04 am Europe/London An Engineer Like Me | Cheltenham Science Festival Part of Cheltenham Science Festival - https://science.cheltenhamfestivals.online/schools-and-families/an-engineer-like-me/ Online 15

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