10th to 13th June 2021

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iDEA badges

All About AI

AI is a broad area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence.

Humans are the most intelligent creatures that we know; that’s what makes AI both so exciting and concerning, but why? Find out!

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Problem Solving With AI

You could use AI to solve problems and make a positive impact within your community, city, country and the world. In this badge, explore ways to identify problems that could be solved with AI, and learn about how AI was used to solve the Kimchi Crisis in Korea!


Maths Tools For AI

Have you ever wondered what enables robots to think like humans or how cars can drive themselves without human assistance? It’s not magic, it’s mathematics! Learn why mathematics is important for understanding AI and discover some of the basic maths tools used.


AI Project Cycle

AI has great potential to transform society and you (yes, you!) can create an AI project of your own, but how do you get started? Learn about the 6 stages of the AI Project Cycle and discover techniques to acquire and visualise data.


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iDEA badges

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